AgraPro™ is committed to making quality products and contributing to a greener world. 


Welcome and thank you for visiting! As the CEO of JSH international, the parent company of AgraPro, I am proud to be leading our team as we bring to market natural solutions to environmental and operational challenges faced by the horticulture and agriculture industries. We are very passionate about these efforts and believe they will significantly impact crop & soil health, plants & turf, food production, and water quality- globally.

The mission of AgraPro™ is to be a leader in the effort to increase world food production and food security in an organic and sustainable way. This is being done with the AP brand Biostimulant & Soil Amendment. The results speak for themselves. This product is a vehicle that provides a way to a better life for millions of individuals. With so many people worldwide being associated with farming, the farmers will build a better life and in turn have a positive impact on the economy in many ways. It is projected that by 2050 the world will need to double food production globally to keep up with a growing population. AgraPro™ will be on the front line of meeting this great challenge.

I invite you to browse through this website and see how the powerful, organic product- AgraPro™ Biostimulant & Soil Amendment is promoting environmental stewardship and creating healthier, greener communities! You will see how AgraPro™ is truly the Ultimate Soil & Crop Health Technology!

Kevin Mulvihill, CEO